The ‘VRUP’ is designed to engage with new drivers to give them greater insight, awareness and respect for motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians to reduce the risk of harm to these at risk road users.

This program has been approved by the ACT Government as an approved Learner Licence Training Course under section 15 (1) (b) of the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2000

Vulnerable Road User Program Eligibility:

Participants of this course must have held a learner license for a minimum of 3 months.

Participants are expected to complete a 1hr workbook PRIOR to attending the course which can be downloaded here.


A: The ‘Vulnerable Road User Program aims to give new drivers greater awareness of non-motor vehicles on our increasingly shared roads. These road users on bikes, scooters and other less protective transport are much more vulnerable to being seriously hurt in the event of a collision. It is therefore in the best interest of new drivers to develop this awareness to avoid being part of a serious accident.

This course can be completed by all learner drivers after you have held your learner licence for three months. Successfully completing this course will count as 10 hours towards your required supervised driving hours. This course is available to all learner drivers irrelevant of age. 

A: The Vulnerable Road User Program costs $73.50 and is only one session on a single day. You must however complete a workbook prior to attending the course, as there will be no time to complete the workbook when attending the session.

A: You must bring your completed preliminary workbook, something to write with and be ready to participate in discussion with the class.