Road Ready ACT Centre

This course aims to give your new learner driver the best opportunity to be the safe and confident under your guidance.

Course Content:

The supervisors course is a short 1 hour information session to help you prepare to supervise your learner driver. Topics include information on the new ACT new licence scheme and tips for teaching your learner driver to make it easier and more effective for them. 

The course is scheduled to run before a Road Ready course, so it’s convenient to book your yourself into this course and your leaner into the following Road Ready course.


A: The Supervisors Course will prepare you to instruct your learner driver in the best method poissible. Furthermore, it will assist in reducing the stress which is commonly involved with supervising new drivers by showing you how to manage risks.

A: The cost is only $25.00, but you get an additional $5.00 discount if your learner is doing the Road Ready Course with us.

To claim this discount, you will need to select the concession card price in the drop down box at the course checkout – please include your Learners first and last name as the concession code. If you have any questions, please give us a call on 6103 0463 or 6109 0152.

A: Just something with which to take notes (if you like).