Road Ready Centre Updates



Learner licences that expire between 9 August 2021 and 31 January 2022 will automatically be extended by 6 months, this includes both car and motorcycle licences.

Access Canberra will be writing to affected learner licence holders, advising of their new expiry date and that ACT Policing will be able to verify their new expiry date via ACT’s Licence and Registration system.


ACT Safer Driver Course Practicial Component has Recived a Special Lock-down Extension from ACT Government

Due to the challenges for learner drivers during lock-down, the ACT Government has approved that any participant who completes the ACT Safer Driver Course Module 1 (online) during Canberra's lock down, will now have 3 months to complete Module 2 (in car), rather than 30 days.

This is a great course which lets you EARN 20 HOURS OF LOGBOOK CREDIT

To learn more about the course and eligibility, please visit this page for more details.


The ACT Learner Knowledge Testing for Learner Licences has Gone Online!

Over the past week we have been listening closely to the concerns of our community and how they feel that lock-down has blocked their opportunity to make meaningful progress in earning their licence and taking an important step in their independence.

After lobbying the ACT Government to create an exception due to lock-down, we are proud to say that we have managed to GET THE KNOWLEDGE TEST ONLINE! Not only for cars either, but FOR HEAVY VEHICLES TOO!

Please click the image below to send us an email and register your interest in the online knowledge test:

We wish all our current and prospective students good health during this crisis. If there is to be any further changes we will notify you through this page.