Road Ready Centre Updates.


The ACT Government has just decided to extend all ACT Learner Licences due to COVID-19. Anyone with a Learner's licence that expires from 23rd March 2020 through to 01st January 2021 have already had a 12 month extension granted and will not require to undergo training to renew their Learner's licence! Please confirm this with Access Canberra.

*You may need to make an application to extend your licence, please check with Access Canberra

Road Ready Driving Training Update | ACT Government Extended Learner Licence Expiry

Minister for Road Safety, Shane Rattenbury

“Thousands of Canberra families are facing significant social, financial and emotional pressure as a result of the current health emergency, and the ACT Government is taking steps to ease that pressure where we can, through simple but effective legal amendments,”

We wish all our current and prospective students good health during this crisis. If there is to be any further changes we will notify you through this page.

Our Courses Are Still Available Through Online Classrooms

All our courses will continue to be delivered online where possible to support distance learning during the COVID19 pandemic. If you feel that you do not have the ability to participate in an online course format, please call our Mitchell office on:

(02) 6103 0463

Like many other training centres, Road Ready is adjusting to these recent changes and plans to remain flexible during this difficult time. As such, we have developed a model to deliver our most important courses through online classrooms. This means you can stay on track with your driving goals whilst staying safe.

We encourage prospective students to book their courses online and to participate in one of our digital classrooms. They are a great opportunity to stay on track with your learning from the comfort and convenience of home. If you are unable to do so, please get in contact with us and we will figure out a solution.