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The Park it Up Course will teach novice drivers the manoeuvres most experienced drivers take for granted, such as hill starts, parallel reverse parking and three point turns.

Course Content:

Like our Get Started driving course, learners will get professional instruction which will help take the pressure off the supervising driver having to teach the skills. It differs from the Get Started Course in that it professionally teaches the more complicated middle learner skills. It is done in a friendly environment with professional instructors and dual control cars.


A: The advantages students and supervisors get from completing this course are:

  1. Supervising drivers find the skills in this course some of the hardest to teach intermediate learner drivers. It allows supervisors to be more relaxed, in that they can focus on imparting driving experience and managing risk (and less on technical skills).
  2. The learners will be getting professional tuition.
  3. The learners will be with other learner drivers so they can meet new people and share their experiences.
  4. Participants will be able to ask professional instructors questions and build their confidence without any road pressure.

Logbook Progression:

Additionally, learner drivers will receive three hours credit in their logbooks upon completion of the course (provided the learner has not reached the limit of hours they can claim the 3 for 1 credit).

A: The course cost is $150.00

This includes all course materials and the practical vehicle manoeuvring activity at Sutton Road Centre (a professional driver training centre). It is a friendly environment with professional instructors and dual control cars.

*Please Note: all Road Ready offices are CASHLESS*

A: All you need to bring is your learner licence.