Getting your Leaner Licence in the ACT

The Road Ready Centre Pre-Learner Licence Course is the first step in getting your learner licence:

Firstly, you must be at least 15 and 9 months old before you can get your ACT learner licence. If you meet the minimum age, then you must complete 2 steps to get your learner licence:

  1. Complete the Road Ready Centre Pre-Learner Licence Course
  2. Pass the Knowledge Test

Getting your learner licence ACT is easy with the Roady Ready Centre Pre-Learner Licence Course. This course is the first required step in getting your licence and will cover all of the fundamentals you need to know prior to beginning your practical driving lessons. It focuses on understanding the road rules for intersections, speed limits and your responsibility as a driver.

After attending and completing this course, you need to book and successfully pass a Knowledge Test at one of our offices in Mitchell or Kambah. You can book this Knowledge Test with us by contacting one of our offices.

After completing both the Road Ready Course and Knowledge Test, you need to take your completion certificates to an Access Canberra centre to collect your ACT learner licence.

Do you have an interstate learner licence?

Unfortunately an interstate learner licence is not directly transferable to the ACT, but you are however permitted to one (1) practical driver assessment with an ACT Government licence examiner. Click here to learn more

We offer the above course in languages other than English

For those trying to obtain a learner licence in the ACT with a Non-English Speaking Background, we provide a course that is specifically tailored to incorporate the need for translation.

There is a Mandarin interpreter on hand at the course; but those who speak another language are welcome to bring a friend or relative with them to assist in the translation. Interpreters can also be organised to assist in understanding the Knowledge Test by contacting one of our offices. Click here to learn more