Heavy Vehicle Knowledge Testing

We provide the Knowledge Test component of aquiring your heavy vehicle licence.

The questions contained in the heavy vehicle knowledge tests are sourced from two publications, the ‘ACT Heavy Vehicle Handbook‘ and the ‘Load Restraint Guide‘, which can be purchased as a hard copy from any Access Canberra Service Centre or downloaded electronically from the buttons below.

There are 45 questions in each test and applicants must answer a minimum 41 questions correctly to pass the test. There are five mandatory categories in which no incorrect answers are permitted. Information is displayed on the screen during the Heavy Vehicle Knowledge Test as to the applicant’s progress during the test.

The practical component of the training can be organised with any training provider from this list.

Remember, there are two types of heavy vehicle testing:

Rigid Vehicle Knowledge Test:

Allows an applicant to learn to drive a Light Rigid (LR), Medium Rigid (MR) and Heavy Rigid (HR) vehicle.

Combination Vehicle Knowledge Test:

Allows an applicant to learn to drive a Heavy Combination (HC) or Multi Combination (MC) vehicle. Applicants for an MC licence must undertake the MC Course at the Transport Industry Skills Centre (TISC).


A: For heavy vehicle classes Light Rigid (LR) to Multi-Combination (MC), you must meet the eligibility requirements, then:

  • Undertake and pass the appropriate knowledge test (there are two knowledge tests, one for rigid vehicles and one for combination vehicles).
  • Applicants for a Multi-Combination (MC) licence must also undertake the MC Licence Course with the Government approved provider.
  • Undertake and pass a practical driver assessment in a heavy vehicle appropriate to the licence class required

A: You do not need to book ahead for taking the Knowledge Test, but you do need to arrive during our office testing hours. Details of the testing hours are shown on our contact page.

During these testing hours, you can simply request at reception to undertake the test. We provide the Knowledge Test at both of our Road Ready locations.

A: It is $47 for each attempt, the test may only be attempted twice a day.

*Please note: All of our Road Ready offices are CASHLESS*

A: Knowledge Test certificates are valid for for 2 years.

A: An assisted test for those with difficulties can be arranged by our friendly staff on any weekday, but please contact your preferred location first to book a time with at least 2 days of notice.

A:  Yes, provided that the driver meets the eligibility requirements.

A:  To book a driver assessment, contact one of the ACT governments approved trainer and assessors. A list of approved training providers from Access Canberra can be found here.

A:  Licence applicants have the option of providing their own or a company vehicle or arranging to use a vehicle supplied by the assessment provider.

A: The cost of an assessment for vehicles LR to MC varies, depending on the class of licence sought. The current cost can be determined by contacting the private providers.

A:  Prices vary according to the type of vehicle used (LR, MR, HR etc). You will need to check this with the provider as vehicle hire costs are a commercial arrangement and are not subject to DUS approval.