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Introduction on how to get a Drivers Licence in the ACT

Below is a helpful map which lets you see the full journey of how to get a drivers licence in the ACT. The first step is to get your learner licence so you can start getting practice behind the wheel on real roads. To get your learner licence in the ACT, you must complete the first 3 steps of this map:

  1. Book and complete the Road Ready Centre Pre-Learner Licence Course
  2. Pass the Driver Knowledge Test
  3. Present your completion proof to Access Canberra and collect your learner licence.

To see more details for each step on the journey, click the icons on the attached legend to see where to book and eligibility requirements.

See our Visual Road Map for How to get a Drivers Licence in the ACT

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Explore details for each step of how to get a drivers licence in the ACT

If you want more details about how to get a drivers licence in the ACT, click the icons below to see more detailed information for each step of the journey:

1. Road Ready Centre Pre-Learner Licence Course

If you’re just getting started, the first step on your learner journey is to book and complete the Road Ready Pre-Learner Licence Course.

2. Road Rules Knowledge Test

You can walk in and take the Learner Road Rules Knowledge Test at any time: you get 2 free attempts at the test when you do your Road Ready Learner course with us.

3. Access Canberra L's Info

Present your road ready course and knowledge test certificates to Access Canberra collect to collect your learner licence.

4. Book Driving Lessons

Booking 10 driving lessons will get you and additional 30 hours of logbook progress, as your first 10 supervised lessons with an instructor count for triple - we provide driving lessons as Revolution Driver Training

5. Book our Accelerate 30 Package

Our Accelerate 30 package bundles 2 important road safety courses into one. Completing these courses gets you an additional 30 hours of logbook credit for just 6 hours of work.

6. Pass the Hazard Perception Test

After having for learner licence for 3 months, you need to jump online and complete the Hazard Perception Test on the Safe Plates website (click icon). This is a mandatory test for all learners.

7. Learner Logbook Completion

Continue practicing your skills and driving until you have 100 hours recorded in your logbook. Remember, 10 hours out of the 100 need to be completed at night! (or 50hrs with 5hrs at night for those aged 25 and above).

8. Practical Driving Assessment

To complete your provisional licence assessment, you need to meet all of the following 3 conditions:
1. Have held your Learners Licence for a year (6 months if you're aged 25 and above)
2. Have completed your logbook hours
3. Have either finished your CBTA with a driving school OR passed the one-off driving test with Access Canberra

9. Access Canberra P's Info

Take your proof of completion competency certificate to Access Canberra along with your logbook to claim your P licence.

10. Collect your P's and Drive Independently!

After collecting your P's you have reached the end of your journey as a learner driver. You can now attach P plates to your car and drive independently. Congratulations and stay safe.


A: To obtain a learner driver licence in the ACT you must:

  • be at least 15 years and 9 months of age
  • attend the 10hr Pre-Learner course in its entirety. You will need to attend all the allocated workshop times. In the event that some sessions are not completed, you will not be able to pass the course until the time has been made up.
  • pass the computer based Driver Knowledge Test – you can use the practice test to get ready.

The assessment criteria for the Road Ready Centre Pre-Learner Licence Course has several components which you will need to satisfy in order to pass. Participants discuss the issues raised in the workbook modules. It is expected that students contribute to discussion in a positive manner.

This course will alert you to many skills required for safe driving and to the hazards out there on the roads. It will also provide you with an understanding of the process for obtaining both a Learner and Provisional Licence.

The course does not cover the Driver Knowledge Test directly, so we suggest studying the handbook before attending the course. A free copy is provided at the time of booking this course.

For more information please go to:

A: The Road Ready Centre Pre-Learner Licence Course costs $210.00

This includes all course materials and 2 attempts at the Driver Knowledge Test. The Road Ready Centre Pre-Learner Licence Course is a classroom program that includes a variety of interactive activities designed to help make new drivers aware of issues relating to safer road use before they begin to learn to drive. The course includes a range of problem solving and decision-making sessions, statistical analysis, group tasks and research assignments.

*Please note: All of our Road Ready offices are CASHLESS*

A: You will need to bring

  • A completed ACT Application for a Driver Licence Form (provided on booking).
  • 2 passport size photos of yourself (or we can provide them at a cost of $5.00.
  • A form of I.D. (see ACT Road Rules Handbook Page 6). This needs to be a primary form if identification (such as a passport).
  • Proof of Residency Documents if your identification document is from overseas (see ACT Road Rules Handbook Page 6).
  • Pen and something to eat (Tea & coffee are provided).

A: An assisted test for those with difficulties can be arranged by our friendly staff on any weekday, but please contact your preferred location first to book a time with at least 2 days of notice.

A: We provide a one-on-one learner course for those who feel they are unable to complete the course via the mainstream method. This can be for many reasons and we are happy to discuss the available options. Please contact us for more information.

A: Both certificates are valid for 2 years. If an applicant fails to collect their learner drivers licence within that time, they will be required to retake and successfully complete the Road Ready Course and Road Rules Knowledge Test again before their learner licence will be reissued.

A: If you have completed the Road Ready Centre Pre-Learner Licence Course with us, you get 2 free attempts at the Knowledge Test included at either of our north or south Canberra centres.

Separate attempts cost $47.00 each and the test can only be attempted twice a day. To take the Knowledge Test, simply walk in to one of our centres during testing hours and ask to sit the test. 

*Please note: All of our Road Ready offices are CASHLESS*

A: You must present your proof of identity, proof of residency, course and Road Rules Knowledge Test certificates to an Access Canberra Centre to be issued with your learner drivers licence.

A: A learner licence is now valid for 5 years. Learners must display “L” plates at all times when driving with their supervisor.

A: Expired Learner Licence holders are only required to pass the Road Rules Knowledge Test again. For more information, please look here.