ACT Safer Driver Course for Learner Drivers | Road Ready

Completing the ACT Safer Driver Course rewards you with 20hrs logbook credit.

ACT Government Initiative

What is the ACT Safer Driver Course?

You are most at risk of having an accident on the road when you move from learning to driving on your own. This course aims to help you develop safe driving behaviours and anticipate hazardous situations. This understanding will reduce your road risk when transitioning to independent driving on your P’s. In addition, completing this course will give you 20hrs towards completing your learner logbook!


This course is available for learner drivers 3 months after first obtaining their learner licence. You also need 30 hours of driving experience and had to be under the age of 25 when your learner licence was issued.

ACT Safer Driver Course Structure:

It consists of a theory component of 2.5 hours in a workshop, followed by a 1-hour practical driving component. The practical driving component is undertaken through an approved course provider with an ACT Accredited Driving Instructor and is designed to have two learner drivers per vehicle.



1. Become a smarter, more confident and competent driver before you pass your test and start driving alone.

2. Reduce your risk of being involved in an accident when you start driving alone.

3. Get 20hrs of ACT logbook experience for completing the course; you get your licence sooner!

A: This course is completed in a single 3.5 hour course and costs $160 on its own; giving you 20hrs of logbook credit.

If you have any questions, please give us a call on 6103 0463 or 6109 0152.

A: You need to bring your learner licence, something to write with and be ready to engage in discussion with the class.