Get 30 Hours of ACT Learner Logbook Credit for 6 Hours of Coursework

Due to high demand, there currently no available booking times for the Accelerate 30 Package. However, more openings are being planned for the July school holidays. To be notified when positions become available, please register your interest below:

Our ACCELERATE 30 PACKAGE is a special package offer aimed at boosting the safety and knowledge of learner drivers in the ACT. It is a combined bundle of the Vulnerable Road User Program and the ACT Safer Driver Course. These combined courses make up 6.5 hours of learning, of both theory and practice. This package will make you a better driver and you will earn 30 hours of ACT learner logbook credit for completing these important safety courses.

Course Structure:

Participants are expected to complete 1 hour of work at home on their own before attending the course. The theory learning components of the package are conducted in a classroom with peers and will take approximately 4.5 hours to complete. Afterwards, there is a practical driving component.


To be eligible for this special package, you need to have held your learner licence for at least 3 months and have 30 hours of recorded driving experience. You also need to have first received your learner licence before the age of 25, as this course is intended for young people and their peers.

Course Resources:

Please Note:

The practical driving component of the package is conducted on public roads under the supervision of an ACT Accredited Driving Instructor in a dual control vehicle, allowing the instructor to manage the risk of the drive. There will be up to 3 learner drivers in the vehicle, taking turns to drive for a short period, then the instructor will conduct a drive for the learners to observe.


A: The Accelerate 30 Package works by combining the Vulnerable Road User Program and ACT Safer Driver Program into one streamlined bundle, allowing you to get both courses done simply and easily.

The package is broken into:

  • 1 hour of self-learning at home
  • 4.5 hours of classroom learning and discussion
  • 1 hour of practical driving training

The practical driving component of the package happens at the course venue with an approved course and ACT Accredited Driving Instructor.

A: To be eligible for the Accelerate 30 Package, you need the following:

  • You must have held your learner licence for at least 3 months.
  • You must have evidence of 30 hours of driving experience in your logbook.
  • You must have been under 25 when you first obtained your learner licence.


1. Become a smarter, more confident and competent driver before you pass your test and start driving alone.

2. Reduce your risk of being involved in an accident when you start driving alone.

3. Get 30hrs of ACT learner logbook credit for completing the course; you get your licence sooner!

You are most at risk of having an accident on the road when you move from learning to driving on your own. This course aims to help you develop safe driving behaviours and anticipate hazardous situations. It will also increase your road awareness of cyclists and other vulnerable road users. This understanding will reduce your risk and make you a better driver when transitioning to independent driving on your P’s.

The objective of the on road drive is to allow the learner drivers to practice low risk driving techniques, provide feedback to each other, compare their experiences and to then observe a professional driver conduct low risk driving techniques. This process allows learner drivers to practice and observe techniques which if they apply in their future driving will reduce their risk of being involved in an incident on the road.

When booking into this course, or booking your learner into this course, you are confirming that you understand that your learner will be in a vehicle driven by another learner driver, under the supervision of an Accredited Driving Instructor.

Again, completing this package earns you 30 hours of ACT learner logbook credit, making it one of the best and cheapest options available for progressing towards your P’s.

A: You will need to bring:

  • Your learner licence
  • Your learner logbook
  • The completed course materials which will be sent to you
  • Something to write with

Our classes encourage learning through discussion, so be prepared to interact with your peers.