Road Ready Centre Updates:

As of Monday the 19th of April 2021, all holders of an overseas licences from an unapproved country who are applying for an ACT licence will now need to complete the Pre-Learner Course, before completing the knowledge test.

The Road Ready Centre

Road Ready is a community based road safety program that aims to reduce the number and severity of road crashes in the ACT. We strive to deliver quality education, training and excellent customer service to our extremely diverse clientele.

The Road Ready Centres in Canberra are part of the Ascent Training Services PTY LTD, a Registered Training Organisation with a proven track record in the management and delivery of Government contracts and programs.

What Driving Courses We Offer:

  • Road Ready Pre Learner Licence Course for non-school applicants and those from a Non-English speaking background (NESB) or special needs.
  • Road Rules Knowledge Testing for both Learner and Heavy Vehicle.
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness courses for ACT licence holders convicted of alcohol and drug driving offenses.
  • Courses which offer skill development for leaner drivers and log book progression.

canberra we are your local training centre

We are the only training provider based in the ACT with a focus on the Canberra community.